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1. Never enter into the stock market with few amounts of money.
 Yes, it's is true because the brokerage charges are a lot and if you have few amounts then you will end up giving all this as brokerage charges especially if you are doing intraday. Therefore do not come into the stock market with a few amounts of money. 
2. Never use margins
never use margins if you are just new in the stock market. We all know margins are helpful if we want to buy a large number of shares with the low amount of money. But if you get in the loss the loss figure will also be increased. moreover, the margins are done for intraday you cannot hold the shares bought in intraday. There are other types of intraday margins like Cover Order (CO) and BRacket order (BO) these both orders give more margins but the execute with the Stop Loss. You have to put SL while making these orders. Hence my advice is to stay away from them if you are new in the market.
 3. Get proper knowledge about the market
Get proper knowledge and information before entering the market. If you are interested to do the intraday or want to invest for the long term. Learn to read the charts and have enough information about the company in which you are investing. Know all types of orders and how they work.
4. Nobody is perfect in the stock market
Nobody is perfect in the stock market. Everyone has faced some losses in some shares. Always learn from your mistakes and try to never do them in the future. Knowledge comes with time in the stock market, therefore if you are going into loss always stay calm and find your mistakes and learn from them. 

5. Always use the Stop Loss

No matter what you are doing intraday or Cash N carry (CNC) always use the Stop loss it will save you from having a huge amount of loss.

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  1. Bull Statue in Bombay stock exchange - In the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) there is a statue in front of the second gate of the building. Many people believe that whenever the gate is opened, the market crash. For example: 1)The door was first opened in 1992, and the famous Harshad Mehta scam happened soon after opening it. 2) In 2008, when the gate was opened to place the new statue of bull, the market crashed suddenly. 
  2. The oldest stock exchange - Amsterdam Stock Exchange which was established in 1602 by Dutch East India Company called as oldest stock exchange in the world which deals with the printed stocks and bonds. 
  3. BSE in India - Bombay Stock Exchange in India has the highest number of listed companies in the world. 
  4. The Big Board - This is the nick name of the New York stock exchange(NYSE). It is the biggest stock exchange in the world. 
  5. New York Club Exchange - The NYSE MKT LLC earlier known as American Stock Exchange (AMEX) was originally New York Club Exchange until 1953 because brokers used to trade their things standing by the curb of the New York city.
  6. Blue Chips - This prestigious nickname is reserved for the companies that are nationally known and trade high on the stock market.
  7. Stock market crash in 1711 - The financial bubbles, dot com bubbles we had come across in the stock market aren't the first thing that happened. Way back in 1711, the share prices of South Sea company collapsed as they were in the midst of huge bubble. 
  8. Highest Volume day on NYSE - The highest volume day on NYSE (NEw York Stock  Exchange) was on January 4, 2001, when 2,129,445,637. The lowest volume was on March 16, 1830 when only 31 shares traded.
  9. Trading in Fractions - Till the year 2000, the markets in US, London and Paris were trading on prices which were in fractions and not in decimals. but after year 2000, this changed and all these markets moved to decimals. This made it easier for an average investor to understand the value of stocks. 
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1. Ted Bundy
He kidnapped and killed 30 women. He raped and tortured his victims. Caught in the year 1979 and sentenced to death by electric chair. 

2. Pedro Lopez
He raped and killed more than 300 girls throughout the South America, receiving the denomination the Monster of the Andes. He originally killed 100 tribal women in Peru. 

3. John Wayne Gacy
Professional clown with a murderous streak. He killed 33 young men and buried the bodies around his home. He was discovered and executed in 1994. 

4. Ed Gein 
Albeit Gein only allegedly killed his brother and two local women, he was additionally kenned to dig up the dead bodies of women kindred to his mother and utilize their skin to make a suit. He withal utilized the body components to make masks, bowls, lamps, and more. He was caught in 1957 but died in a noetic hospital of respiratory failure in 1984.

5. Edmund Kemper
He commenced his malefactor life by murdering his grandparents when he was 15 years old, and later killed and dismembered six female hitchhikers in the Santa Cruz area. He then murdered his mother and one of her friends before turning himself in to the ascendant entities days later. Kemper is noted for his imposing size and high astuteness, standing 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m) tall and weighing over 300 lbs (140 kg) and having an IQ in the 140 range, attributes that left his victims with little chance to surmount him.
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LUKE AIKINS is a professional pilot, base jumper, American skydiver and aerial photographer. He has completed more than 18,000 jumps since he started skydiving at the age of 12. 
On July 30,2016, Aikins jumped from an aircraft without any parachute at an altitude of 25,000 feet above simi valley, California watched by a live audience. After about two minutes of free fall he successfully landed in 100 by 100 foot net. Aikins reached a terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour (193 km/h) during that fall. So this makes him the first person to Skydive without a parachute and survive.

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  1. Poor people don't shower as often as rich people do.
  2. Poor people blame others for their misfortunes.
  3. Poor people wake up later than rich people in their early years.
  4. Poor people buy clothes or products that are on sale. 
  5. Poor people use credit cards or take out loans for useless things. 
  6. Poor people tend to have more kids and earlier in their life. 
  7. Poor people surrounded themselves with other poor people.
  8. Poor people never follow through on their ideas or potential.
  9. Poor people believe that others should help them reach the top.
  10. Poor people watch a lot of TV.