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The Bugatti Galibier:
The Bugatti Galibier, a 1000 HP sedan, was first shown as a concept in 2010 and when put into production , will cost about $1.4 million. It will use a 16-cylinder engine that can run on both bio-fuel and gasoline, and will bring back the dual clutch gearbox. Production will require facilities in Molsheim , France to be refitted, Which may push back deliveries until 2013 or 2014.

Bugatti Royale:
Famous carIn 1926, only 6 Bugatti Royales were ever made. The Bugatti Royale was designed by Italian Ettore Bugatti and was one of the largest vehicles of all time. It was fully loaded with 12.7 litre engine which was originally designed for an aircraft. The Royale was 6.7m long. It sets a new world record price when it was sold for $15 million in 1980. The Bugatti Veyron has a 1001 metric horsepower engine, costs 840,000 pounds and a top speed of 407km/h.

The German luxury car which has been made since 1901 took its name from Mercedes, the daughter of Daimler car company director Emil Jellinek.

Henry Royce and Charles Rolls two British car enthusiasts formed Rolls Royce in 1906 and set new standards for a luxury vehicle. The company's engines are also used in many aircrafts.

Aston Martin:
This luxury sports car has been made in the UK since the 1920s. It became one of the most featured cars in the James Bond movies.

Volkswagen Beetle:
It was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and first manufactured in Germany in 1937. When the production was ended in 2003 a total of 21,529,464 Beetles had been made and the last of them was in Mexico and Brazil. Later a new version of the Beetle was introduced in 1998.

In August 1959, Mini was launched in the UK and it cost under 500 pounds. More than 5.3 millions Mini had been made by 2000. Mini was designed by Alec Lssigonis (1906-1988) and was the first British Car to sell more than a million. A new Mini was launched in 2001.

Model T Ford:
The first Model T Ford, nicknamed the Tin Lizzie and was made in 1908 in the USA by the Ford Motor Company. In 1903 the company was founded by the Henry Ford. By 1927, when production was finished a total of 16,536,075 had been built. During its speak years more than half the new cars in the world were model Ts.


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