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The Mongol horse is the native horse breed in Mongolia. Nomads living in the traditional Mongol fashion still holds over 3 million animals, that app up the country's human population. The breed is imagined to be for the foremost half unchanged since the time of Genghis Khan. Nomads living in the traditional Mongol fashion still holds over 3 million animals, that app up the country's human population. Despite their very little size, they are horses, not ponies. In Mongolia, all year the horses live outdoors and search for food on their own.

The mare's milk is processed into the national liquid airag, and a few animals are a unit slaughtered for meat. Apart from that, they function riding animals, each for the daily work of the nomads and in racing. Mongolian horses are a unit of a thick build, with comparatively short however robust legs and an oversized head. They vary in size from twelve to fourteen hands high and have a cannon diameter of regarding eight inches. They need an exact similitude to the Przewalski's horse. The mane and tail are a unit terribly long, and therefore the stands area unit usually used for parliamentary ropes; the tail hair is used for fiddle bows. The hooves are a unit terribly strong and extremely few animals are a unit fitted with horseshoes. Mongolian horses have nice stamina, though they need similar body they will gallop for ten kilometers while not break.
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The Mongolian saddle is incredibly tall, with a wood frame. It solely permits marginal management of the gait. In most things, the horse can decide the gait on its own, whereas the rider is occupied with alternative tasks like gregarious cows. So, many times, a Mongol horse can like better to canter. Mongolian horses are scotch, arduous, somewhat crafty, and tread safely in rough tract. In Mongolia, most animals are unbroken roaming free, and solely a little variety of riding animals get caught and bound. Once the animal has become adjusted to carrying a rider, it'll be calm, friendly and extremely reliable. Horses with a baby within the saddle can run fully gallop over thirty five kilometers at a time. They are trained to stay running even when losing their riders. In such case, they have to be stopped within the end zone by aides waiting there particularly for that purpose.
Horses are greatly cherished in Mongolian culture, notably among the nomads as a result of horses are terribly helpful to people's daily lives and support. Racing is that the second preferred event in Mongolia, when accident wrestling. Mongol horses were a key issue throughout the 13th century conquest of the Mongol Empire. There's conventional speech communication in Mongolian "A Mongol while not a horse is sort of Bird with no wings". Genghis Khan himself once said "It is straightforward to beat the globe from the rear of a horse". Mongol folks on an individual basis have favorite horses, every loved one has his and her own horse, and a few relations price their favorite horses by saving them from operating under plenty of pressure.


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