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    em effect
  1. Dr. Dre didn't know Eminem was white until they met, but Dre said "I don't care What color size, or age as long as they can rap."
  2. Eminem failed 9th grade 3 times and then dropped out.
  3. Eminem has been falsely reported dead by a car crash 4 times and a drug overdose once.
  4. To be signed to Shady Records, one of the requirements is you have to battle Eminem.
  5. Eminem's all time favorite movie is "The Matrix"
  6. After every music video he shoots, he says "that's a white wrap."
  7. His relatives used to call him "Mickey" when he was a baby because he had big ears.
  8. Eminem originally wanted to become a comic- book artist.
  9. Eminem is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest selling hip-hop artist.
  10. when Dr. Dre first met Em, Em was wearing a bright yellow tracksuit which he got from a sponsor because he didn't have the money to buy decent clothes. Dre thought he looked like a banana.
  11. He is a Spiderman fan.
  12. For his "8 mile" role, Em dropped from 168 lbs to 145 lbs.
  13. Em wears glasses because he's near-sighted.
  14. Em used to spend hours at night studying the dictionary so that he could expand his vocabulary for his rhymes.
  15. "Lose yourself" may have topped the poll on songs that spurs ball players to victory, but it also topped the poll on songs most likely to lead to car crashes.


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