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Introduced: 1984
Price: ??
Weight: 3.8lbs
CPU: 80C85, 2.4MHz
RAM: 32K, 64K max.
Ports: RS-232, Parallel Ports,Bar code reader, 300 baud modem.
Display: 40 x 8 character LCD display
Power: 4'AA' batteries Run for 16 hours on battery power! External 9vdc power supply
Storage: Audio cassette in/out
OS: Microsoft BASIC v1.1 in ROM

The NEC PC-8300 is an upgrade of the original PC-8201a.

These are probably the worlds first laptop Computer sporting a full-size keyboard, and enough ports to satisfy everyone needs.

From: http://www.web8201.com/
  • - Built by NEC under license from Kyocera
  • - 32k RAM installed, expandable to 2 banks of 32k each or 1 bank of 64k
  • - 8 Line Display.
  • - Redefinable screen character set.
  • - Could take memory cartridges of up to 128k in special slot.
  • - Video monitor interface available.
  • - Portable disk drive available.
  • - Portable printer available.
  • - Able to emulate PC8201.
  • - Internal modem optional with Bell standard Berg connectors.
  • - Advanced TEXT with printer formatting.
  • - Advanced TELCOM with X-Modem file transfer.


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  2. You can cite from the given link.