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Gold Fact file:
  • People have prized gold since times of yore. It's simple to figure with and makes stunning objects that don't corrode. Coins and even jewelry that are buried for thousands of years are unit bright because the day they were created.
  • Gold is rare- it's solely the 73rd commonest part in Earth's crust. There is area unit over 10 million tonnes of gold within the world's seas, however it'd price and excessive amount to urge it out.
  • Gold is incredibly serious. A cup of gold weighs 19.3 times the maximum amount because the same cup stuffed with water.
  • More than ninety percent of all gold mined within the past 6000 years has been extracted since 1948.
  • Gold may be stretched into terribly skinny wire. Only one-gram of gold makes a wire pair of .4 kilometers long and five microns (5 millionths of a meter) thick.
  • Gold is employed for creating coins and jewellery. It's conjointly utilized; physics, dental medicine and for creating special product like the coating on astronauts visors that protects them against harmful radiation.
  • In 1869, the largest gold nugget ever was found in Moliagul (Australia) weighs 70.92 kg and known as the Welcome Stranger.
  • Gold bars like those seen in films regarding bank robberies are known as 'London Good Delivery Bags'. They weigh 12.5kg, about 6 times as much as an average house brick and measure 17.8 x 8.2 x 4.4cm.
Diamond Fact file:
  • Diamond comes from a rock named as 'Kimberlite'. Every carat of polished diamond is mined from two-hundred tonnes of 'kimberlite'.
  • The melting point of diamond is 6,900 degree Celsius, which is two and half times the temperature needed to melt steel.
  • About 180 times, diamonds are harder than emeralds.
  • The largest diamond ever found is termed as the 'Cullinan', after the president of the known company 'De Beers' whose name is Thomas Cullinan. The stone weighed 3,106carats (621kg) and was found in South Africa in regarding 1905. It had been to King Edward VII of Great Britian who had to move create a hundred and five separate diamonds. One among the more important for those with 317.7 carats and is ready within the British Imperial State Crown.
  • A British scientist, Smithson Tennant (1761-1815) in 1976, was the first person to show that diamonds are made of carbon. It is the only gem in the world made of single element.
  • Fewer than one-thousand rough diamonds weighing more than 100 carats have ever been found.
  • Carats is used to measure the weight of diamonds. There are about 142 carats to the ounce and five carats to a gram. The word 'Carat' comes from carob which is a bean that grow on the Ceratonia siliqua tree. Amazingly consistent weight of the bean is 0.2g. 


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