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1975 George Lucas is so desperate to film his trilogy, he agrees to a hefty director's pay cut, in return for 40% of the film's profits, plus rights to the sequels and merchandising. Turns out, it wasn't such a bad deal.
1977 Star wars re-released as Episode IV: A new hope in 1981 rakes in $1,554,475 in its first weekend.
1980 The sequel, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, reveals that Vader is Luke's father. To preserve the twist, a fake script points to Obi-wan as Anakin's killer, with the real dialogue secretly voiced in by Earl Jones just prior to the premiere.
1983 Episode VI: Return of the Jedi concludes the original trilogy.
1994 Lucas begins writing the prequels.
1999 Episode I: The Phantom Menace- the starting point of the Star Wars saga- introduces a new generation to the intergalactic story.
2002 Episode II: Attack of the Clones is the first major movie shot using entirely digital media.
2005 Episode III: Revenge of the Sith opens as Lucas refutes rumours of a third trilogy.
2012 The Phantom Menace is re-released in 3D, signalling a new era for the franchise.

By The Numbers:-
The Star Wars films have grossed $4.4 billion worldwide in ticket sales.

It would take just over 13 hours to watch all six films back to back.

The movies has won ten Academy Awards- Seven Oscars went to the original Star Wars. The prequels won none.

Over $20 billion of Star Wars licensed goods have been sold.

An intact 1978 "telescoping lightsabre" Darth Vader action figure has sold for more than $6000.

Star Wars is an American epic area opera franchise created by Geroge Lucas targeted in a movie series. The film series has spawned a media franchise outside the film series known as the distended Universe as well as books, tv series, comic books and video games. These supplements to the film trilogies have resulted in an important development of the series' fictional universe. These media unbroken the franchise active within the interim between the film trilogies. The franchise portrays a universe that is in a very galaxy that's represented as so much, far away. It ordinarily portrays Jedi as an illustration of the fine, in conflict with the Sith, their evil counterpart. Their weapon of alternative, the lightsaber, is often recognized in widespread culture. The fictional universe conjointly contains several themes, particular influences of philosophy and faith. 

Reactions to the first triad were principally positive, with the last film being thought about the weakest, whereas the prequel triad received a lot of mixed reactions, with most of the praise being for the ultimate motion picture, in keeping with most review human websites. All six of the most films within the series were conjointly appointive for or won Academy Awards.


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