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Name/Cause/Year Age at Death
King Edward V of England, murdered, 1483        12
Saint Agnes, martyred, c 304        13
King Edward VI of England, natural causes, 1553        15
Anne Frank, German diarist, in concentration camp, 1945        15
Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England, executed, 1554        16
Thomas Chatterton, English poet, took poison, 1770        17
Anastasia, Grand Duchess of Russia, assassinated, 1918        17
Ritchie Valens, American rock singer, plane crash, 1959         17
King Tutankhamen, Egyptian pharaoh, c 1340 BC        18
Heliogabalus, Roman Emperor, assassinated, 222        18
Joan of Arc, French heroine, burned at the stake, 1431        19
Catherine Howard, Queen of Henry VIII, beheaded, 1542        20
Billy the kid (William H. Bonney), American outlaw, shot, 1881        21
Eddie Cochran, American rock singer, car accident 1960        21
Pocahontas, Native American Indian Princess, smallpox, 1617        22
Buddy Holly, American rock singer, plane crash, 1959        22
Aaliyah (Aaliyah Haughton), singer, plane crash, 2001        22
River Phoenix, actor, drug overdose, 1993        23
Clyde Barrow, US outlaw, shot by Texas Rangers, 1934        24
James Dean, american film actor, car crash, 1955        24
Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of John F. Kennedy, murdered, 1963        24
John Keats, English poet, tuberculosis, 1821        25
"Red Baron" Manfred von Richthofen, German flying ace, shot down, 1918        25
Jean Harlow, film actress, illness, 1937        26
Brian Jones, Rolling Stones guitarist, drowned, 1969        26
Jimi Hendrix, Rock guitarist, drugs, 1970        27
Kurt Cobain, Niravana lead singer, shooting suicide, 1994        27
Anne Bronte, British writer, Tuberculosis, 1849
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This building and an adjacent one had been used for exhibition space and art classes for over 30 years and they're both scheduled to be torn down to make way for a new larger structure, So, as a final farewell, local Houston artists, Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, turned them into art installation known as "inversion". Using boards from the outside of the houses they created a large funnel-like vortex running between the two that ends in small hole in a adjacent courtyard. It's a cool effect particularly for those who always wanted to experience a black hole without the whole "being crushed to a quantum singularity" end result.


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Monkeys and Apes (and humans) belong to the group of mammals called Primates. There are 256 known species of primate. The smallest primate is the pygmy mouse lemur, which weighs only 30g.

Largest Primates Average weight (Kg)
Gorilla              220
Human               77
Orang-utan               75
Chimpanzee               50
Baboon               45
Mandrill               45
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  • Magma shoots out of the ground at temperatures as high as 1200 degree celsius.
  • In 1815 the eruption column from Mount Tambora in Indonesia reached at height of about 60 Kilometres. There was complete darkness for three days afterwards within a 500 Kilometre radius of the eruption.
  • Approximately 260,000 people have died over the last 400 years as a result of volcanic activity.
  • Lava flows have been recorded at speeds of up to 75 kmph.
  • On average, there are about 60 Volcanic eruptions every year, many of which are in Asia.
  • The sound of the Krakatoa eruption in Indonesia in 1883 could be heard more than 3000 Kilometres away in Australia.
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By posting your photos on Facebook, you've granted the company license to use it. Theoretically, they can use them any way they want. whether it's for corporate promotional material or advertisements, unless you know to opt out. They also allow businesses that you've "liked" to use your profile photo on ads shown on , your friends page. Most people fail to read the user agreement, which clearly says that "you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sublincensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP (Intellectual Property) content that you post on or in connection with Facebook:" (Is it any wonder people skip this?) unless you and every one with whom you've shared your photos delete them. Occasionally third-party advertisers have used photos without the user's or Facebook's consent. A few years ago, a man logged on to his account and stumbled upon an ad for an online dating service. Who was the star of said ad? His wife! Awkward! Turns out the service lifted her profile photo from her page.
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Tutankhamun's Mask
Tutankhamun was king of ancient Egypt in the 14th Century BC. In 1922 fabulous treasures were found in his tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter. They are now in the Cairo Museum, Egypt. They include a magnificent gold mask, which weighs 10.23kg. It was found inside a solid gold coffin weighing 110.4kg.

Buddha Statue
A 15th-Century statue of Buddha is the largest gold object in the world. It is in the Wat Traimit temple, Bangkok, Thailand, stands 3 m tall and weighs 5.5 tonnes.

Gold Salt Cellar
This was made by Benvenuto Cellini for Francis I of France in about 1540. It is made of solid gold, elaborately decorated, and is one of the greatest works of the goldsmith's art. It is now in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

Fort Knox 
The vaults of Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA, contain the largest amount of gold in one place anywhere in the world. They hold more than half the century's total reserves- mostly in gold bars.
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Model M5120
Announced September 1989
Weight 16 lbs
RAM 1 Meg, 9 Meg maximum
Battery 6.5 volt, 5 amp lead acid (gel type)
CPU Motorola 68HC000, 16MHz
Display 10-inch b&w active matrix
640 x 400 pixels
I/O Built-in trackball
Ports Apple Desktop Bus (ADB)
Two serial ports
External SCSI port
External floppy port
Video port
Storage Internal 1.4 Meg 3.5-inch floppy drive
Internal 40 MB SCSI hard drive
OS Mac OS 6.04
Price US$ 7300 w/hard drive

The Mac Portable is Apple's first Portable Macintosh computer. Although there were already PC laptops on the market, few were as fast or powerful. The Portable has a 68000 processor running at 16 MHz, comes with 1 MB RAM which can be expanded to 9 MB RAM, has an optional internal 9600 baud modem, and includes a PDS slot (Processor Direct Slot) for direct access to the system processor. The Portable has an active matrix screen, which updates faster and doesn't have the blurry effect of other early display. 

The Portable is powered by an internal lead-acid gel/cell battery, similar to those found in car batteries, which can run from 6 to 12 hours. Battery adds an entire 2 pounds to the weight of the Portable.

There was only one problem with the Portable which unfortunately led to its demise, it just wasn't very Portable. Being rather large and weighing 16 lbs, few people had the patience to carry it around anywhere, despite all of its great feature.