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Model M5120
Announced September 1989
Weight 16 lbs
RAM 1 Meg, 9 Meg maximum
Battery 6.5 volt, 5 amp lead acid (gel type)
CPU Motorola 68HC000, 16MHz
Display 10-inch b&w active matrix
640 x 400 pixels
I/O Built-in trackball
Ports Apple Desktop Bus (ADB)
Two serial ports
External SCSI port
External floppy port
Video port
Storage Internal 1.4 Meg 3.5-inch floppy drive
Internal 40 MB SCSI hard drive
OS Mac OS 6.04
Price US$ 7300 w/hard drive

The Mac Portable is Apple's first Portable Macintosh computer. Although there were already PC laptops on the market, few were as fast or powerful. The Portable has a 68000 processor running at 16 MHz, comes with 1 MB RAM which can be expanded to 9 MB RAM, has an optional internal 9600 baud modem, and includes a PDS slot (Processor Direct Slot) for direct access to the system processor. The Portable has an active matrix screen, which updates faster and doesn't have the blurry effect of other early display. 

The Portable is powered by an internal lead-acid gel/cell battery, similar to those found in car batteries, which can run from 6 to 12 hours. Battery adds an entire 2 pounds to the weight of the Portable.

There was only one problem with the Portable which unfortunately led to its demise, it just wasn't very Portable. Being rather large and weighing 16 lbs, few people had the patience to carry it around anywhere, despite all of its great feature.


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