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Tutankhamun's Mask
Tutankhamun was king of ancient Egypt in the 14th Century BC. In 1922 fabulous treasures were found in his tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter. They are now in the Cairo Museum, Egypt. They include a magnificent gold mask, which weighs 10.23kg. It was found inside a solid gold coffin weighing 110.4kg.

Buddha Statue
A 15th-Century statue of Buddha is the largest gold object in the world. It is in the Wat Traimit temple, Bangkok, Thailand, stands 3 m tall and weighs 5.5 tonnes.

Gold Salt Cellar
This was made by Benvenuto Cellini for Francis I of France in about 1540. It is made of solid gold, elaborately decorated, and is one of the greatest works of the goldsmith's art. It is now in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

Fort Knox 
The vaults of Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA, contain the largest amount of gold in one place anywhere in the world. They hold more than half the century's total reserves- mostly in gold bars.


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