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Most-Performed Operas
Puccini's La Boheme is the most -performed opera in London and New York. It has been staged 545 times since 1897 at London's Royal Opera House, and 1,140 times at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. Aida and Carmen are the closest runners- up in both places.

Longest Operas
Richard Wagner's Gotterdammerung is the longest regularly-performed opera. The opera can last up to six hours, including intervals.

Largest Opera Venues
The two largest opera houses where operas are regularly performed are in Italy and America. They are the Arena di Verona in Verona, which holds 16,663 people, and the Municipal Opera Theatre in St Louis, USA, which holds 11,745. The Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy, which has 3,600 seats, is one of the world's largest indoor opera theatres, although several US opera houses come close in size.

Grandest Grand Opera
The Opera Aida has often been performed on a grand scale, with a huge cast including elephants and other animals. It has been staged at the pyramids, Egypt and in the year 2000 was performed in a football stadium in Shanghai, China, with a cast of 3,000 and an audience of 45,000.


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