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Soccer timeline

500 BC Football (tsu chu, meaning to kick a ball) played in China.
1314 First reference to football in England when Edward II prohibited the 
game because "too many people were bustling over footballs 
on London streets."
1848 The first rules of football drawn up at Cambridge University
1852 First inter-school football match, Westminster V Harrow.
1855 Sheffield football club, the oldest still in existence, formed.
1862 Notts County, the oldest current League club, formed.
1863 Football Association (FA) formed.
1870 First international match, England v Scotland, played at Kennington Oval.
1871 FA cup launched
1872 Corner kick introduced.
1873 Scottish FA formed; Scottish Cup started.
1874 Shin pads first worn.
1875 The cross bar replaced a tape across the top of the goals.
1876 Welsh FA formed
1878 Irish (now northern Ireland) FA formed
1878 Referee's whistle first used.
1885 Professional football legalized.
1888 Football league formed.
1889 The term "soccer" first used. May be an abbrevation of association 
football- the Football Association was formed to standardize the 
rules of the game.
1890 Scottish league formed
1891 Goal nets first used.
1891 Linesmen (now assistant referees) replace umpires.
1891 Penalty kick adopted by the FA.
1904 FIFA formed in Paris; first international match outside Britain- 
Belgium v France played near Brussels.
1907 Professional Footballer's Association (PFA)
formed (as the Football Players and Trainers Union.)
1921 FA of Ireland (Republic of Ireland) formed.
1923 First Wembley Cup Final (Bolton v West Ham).
1928 Players' numbers introduced.
1930 First world cup in Uruguay.
1932 Substitutes formally agreed by FIFA.
1950 England's First World Cup (lost 1-0 to USA).
1954 Union of European Football Association (UEFA) formed.
1955 European cup started.
1960 Football league cup started.
1965 Football league agrees use of substitutes.
1968 Red cards introduced (at the Mexico Olympic games)
1975 Scottish Premier Division (now Premier League) formed.
1981 Football League changed the number of points for a win two to three.
1982 Professional foul rule introduced.
1992 FA Premier League formed.
1993 Champions' League replaces the European Cup.
2004 Greece are surprise winners of the European Championship.


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