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Sea Creatures:
Sea Creatures
Most eggs-
The black marlin fish lays as many as 226 million eggs.

Largest clam-
A clam known as Tridacna derasa measures up to 124cm across and weighs 263kg. Tridacna gigas is usually smaller, but a 115cm specimen was found that weighed 333kg.

Largest sponge-
The barrel sponge of the Caribbean is up to 1.8-2.4m tall.

Largest jellyfish-
The lion's mane jellyfish (Cyanea arctica) is up to 2.3m long, with tentacles that add an extra 37m.

Heaviest mollusc-
A giant squid caught in 1878 had tentacles 10.7m long and weighed about 1,814kg.

Heaviest crustacean-
In 1934, an Atlantic lobster weighing 19.25kg was caught off Virginia (USA). It was nicknamed Mike.

Smallest crustacean-
Pea crabs measure only about 64mm across the shell.

Largest crustacean-
The giant spider crab's body measures up to 30.5-35.6cm across and it has a claw span of 2.4-2.7m.

Largest gastropod-
The gastropod group includes snails. Largest is the trumpet or baler conch. It lives off Australian coasts and weighs up to 18kg. Its shell measures 77cm long and 101cm round.

Big fish:

The Whale shark is probably the biggest fish in the world. The whale sharks are usually up to 12m long. In 1919, one whale shark caught off in Thailand was reckoned to be 18m long. Despite being enormous these giant fish eat only plankton (tiny plants and animals float on water). Basking sharks also eat plankton like whale sharks these are not hunters like other big fish. Below is the weight of whale sharks:-

Fish Weight (kg)
Whale shark 21,000
Basking shark 14,515
Great white shark 3,314
Giant manta 3,000
Beluga 2,072
Sharptail mola 2,000
Ocean sunfish 2,000
Greenland shark 1,020
Tiger shark 939
Great hammerhead shark 844
white sturgeon 816

Biggest marine mammals:

Mammal Weight (tonnes) Length (m)
Blue whale 130.0 33.5
Fin whale 45.0 25.0
Right whale 40.0 17.5
Sperm whale 36.0 18.0
Grey whale 32.7 14.0
Humpback whale 26.5 15.0
Sei whale 20.0 13.7
Baird's whale 11.0 5.5

Smallest marine mammals:

Mammal Weight (kg) Length (m)
Marine otter 4.5 1.15m
Sea lion 64 1.5m
Dolphins 57.2 1.5m
Pygmy right whale 3.2 tonnes 6.4m


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