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Amazing achievements-
Body facts
  • In 1997, at Sydney Airport, Australia, David Huxley pulled a 187-tonne Boeing 747-400 a distance of 91m. David Huxley previously hauled a Boeing 737 and a Concorde.
  • In 2005, US arm-wrestler Ed Shelton ripped up 55 telephone directories, each 1,044 pages thick. It took him three minutes.
  • Australian Arulanantham Suresh Joachim holds many endurance records, including a drumming marathon (84 hours), the longest time standing still (76 hours 40 minutes) running 100 miles/161km on a treadmill (42minutes 33 seconds) and crawling one mile/1.6km (37 minutes 17 seconds). In 2006 he announced his intention to run a mega marathon through 54 countries in 181 days, a distance of over 6,000km.
  • In the annual Empire State Building Run-up, runners race up the famous skyscraper's 1,576 steps. Andrea Mayr of Austria set a new women's record of 11 minutes 23 seconds in 2006. The overall record holder is Australian athlete Paul Crake. In 2003, he got to the top in 9 minutes 33 seconds. He also holds the record for the Australian Sydney Tower Run-up.
Heaviest British-
Daniel Lambert (1770-1809) was one of the heaviest British people of all time. At his largest, he weighed 330kg and measured 2.8m round his body and 94cm round his leg. Daniel used to charge visitors to his house a shilling (five pence) just to look at him. In 1809, when he died it took 34m of elm planking to make his coffin, which looked like a gigantic packing case. A window and part of the wall of the house had to be removed to get the coffin out and it had to be mounted on wheels to trundle it to the cemetery.

Tom thumb and friends-
American showman Phineas T. Barnum first met Charles Sherwood Stratton (USA, 1838-83) when he was four years old. He was 61cm tall and weighed 6.8kg. Barnum persuaded Charles's parents to allow him to exhibit their son for a fee of $3 a week. He was advertised as 'General Tom Thumb, a dwarf eleven years of age just arrived from England'. By the time he died, he had grown to 1m and weighed 32kg. Lavinia Warren (USA, 1841-1919) was 79cm tall. Her first husband was Tom Thumb.

Life expectancy-
Life expectance is defined as the average number of years people are likely to live in different countries. Conditions can improve or sometimes get worse, so life expectancy can get lower or higher. The lowest 15 and top 15 countries are listed, together with figures for the UK and USA for the comparison:

Highest life
Expectancy Country
Japan 82.0
Iceland 80.7
Switzerland 80.5
Australia 80.3
Sweden 80.2
Italy 80.1
Canada 80.0
Israel 79.7
France 79.5
Spain 79.5
Norway 79.4
New Zeland 79.1
Austria 79.0
Belgium 78.9
Germany 78.7

Lowest life
Expectancy country
Swaziland 32.5
Botswana 36.3
Lesotho 36.3
Zimbabwe 36.9
Zambia 37.5
Central African Republic 39.3
Malawi 39.7
Angola 40.8
Sierra Leone 40.8
Mozambique 41.9
Dem Rep of Congo 43.1
Equatorial Guinea 43.3
Nigeria 43.4
Burundi 43.6
Chad 43.6


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