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In little over 10 years, the internet has become a global phenomenon. In 1995 it was used by about 45 million people around the world. By 2006 the figure had more than doubled to 1,018,057,389. 
Internet milestones
During the 1960s scientists in the USA began trying to work out how organizations could keep in touch with one another after a nuclear attack. In 1965 ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) suggested linking computers. In 1969 computers at four US universities were connected and were able to "talk" to each other for the first time.

The network was extended and in 1973 computers were connected between London and Norway. At the same time, electronic mail (E-mail) was being used more and more to send messages between computers. In 1976 Queen Elizabeth II became the first monarch to send an e-mail message. In 1979 the first Usenet newsgroups (online discussion group) began.

By 1981 the ARPA network had 213 hosts (sites to which users could connect). A new host was added approximately every 20 days. In 1982 a common language called TCP/IP was invented which allowed all Internet computers to communicate with each other and the network was first called an Internet. In the 1980s many more people and businesses began to use computers. The Internet began to be used commercially, as well as by governments and universities.

The 1991 World Wide Web (www) was created. It combined words, pictures and sounds in a system that ordinary people could easily understand and use. By 1994 approximately 40 million people were connected to the Internet. They could exchange information sell goods and work from any computer with a phone line. The Rolling Stones rock group even broadcast a concert over the Internet. Schools started using the Internet as an electronic library. By 1996 users in almost 150 countries around the world were connected to the Internet.

High-speed broadband and wireless access are now widespread and more and more businesses are using the Internet to promote and sell products and services. In 2001 there were 533 million Internet users worldwide. Experts predict that by 2007 about 1,460 million people will be using the Internet.

Google is the most used Internet search engine in the world. It is also one of the fastest growing companies of all time, with earnings in 2005 of $6.1 billion. Since 1998 it has indexed more than 12 billion pictures, web pages and other items.


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