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Rock Music:
Fans of rock music often like to buy items that belonged to their favourite singers and bands. The more successful the artist, the higher the price:
  • 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Touring limousine, painted in psychedelic colours, owned by John Lennon of The Beatles. Sold at auction in New York, USA, on 29 June 1985 for $2,299,000.
  • Steinway Model Z upright piano owned by John Lennon. Sold in an online auction on 17 October 2000 for $2,098,860.
  • "Tiger" guitar owned by Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead. Sold in New York, USA on 9 May 2002 for $957,500.
  • "Blackie" Fender Stratocaster guitar owned by Eric Clapton. Sold in New York, USA on 25 June 2004 for $959,500.
  • Handwritten lyrics for the re-written "Candle in the Wind" by Bernie Taupin's, Sir Elton John sung it in Westminster Abbey at the funeral of Diana (Princess of Wales). On February 11, 1998 sold in Los Angeles (USA)  for $400,000.
Major rock events:
The following are among the best-attended rock events. The Live Aid concerts (13 July 1985) and Live 8 concerts (2 July 2005) had smaller audiences split over several avenues but were reckoned to have had the greatest TV audiences of all time. About 1.5 billion people or a quarter of the world's population, saw Live Aid on television. The figure for Live 8 was over 2 billion.

Date/Event Estimated audience
31 December 1994/Rod Stewart, Copacabana Beach (Brazil) 3,500,000
3 June 2002/Golden Jubilee Concert, Buckingham Palace (UK) over 1,000,000
2 July 2005/Live 8, 10 free concerts in 9 countries over 1,000,000
7 August 1997/Garth Brooks in Central Park (New York) 750,000
28-30 May 1982/US Festival, San Bernardino (California) 725,000
28 July 1973/Summer Jam, Watkins Glen (New York) 600,132
30 August 1970/Third Isle of Wight Festival (UK) up to 600,000
19 September 1981/Simon and Garhunkel in Central Park (New York)   500,000
5 July 1969/Rolling Stones free Concert, Hyde Park (UK) up to 500,000
30 July 2003/Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto, Ontario (Canada) 489,176
15-17 August 1969/Woodstock Festival, Bethel, New York (USA) over 400,000
21 June 1997/Blockbuster Rockfest 1997, Fort Worth, Texas (USA) 385,000
6 December 1969/Altamont, California (USA) 300,000


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