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Two-wheel timeline:
1817- The Draisienne, or hobby horse, invented by Baron Karl Von Drais. There were no pedals. The rider sat on the saddle with his feet on the ground and pushed himself along.

1839- Crank-driven cycle built by Kirkpatrick Macmillan (Scotland)

1861- The Velocipede (fast foot) also called a Boneshaker, driven by pedals attached to the front wheel hub, built by Pierre Michaux (France).

1869- First metal spoke wheels and solid rubber tires; the word "Bicycle" first used.

1870- "Penny-farthing" or Ariel Ordinary or, patented by James Starley and William Hillman (UK)

1885- Motorcycle patented by Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlied Daimler (Germany)

1888- First pneumatic tyres made by John Boyd Dunlop (Scotland)

1894- First motorcycle, the Motottad, sold in Germany

1899- Charles "Mile-a-Minute" Murphy (USA) set a bicycle speed record of one mile (1.6km) in 57.75 seconds.

1903- First Tour de France cycle race

1946- Vespa motor scooter launched in Italy, by Piaggo

1972- Bicycles first outsell cars in the US (13 million bikes to 11 million cars)

1995- 50 year old Fred Rompelberg (Netherlands) sets new bicycle speed record of   268.831km/h (167.04mph).

2005- The aluminium framed Powabyke electric bicycle is launched. It can travel up to 54km on one charge and has a top speed of 24km/h. 

Car Timeline

Car timeline:
1883- First experimental petrol-driven car (France)

1886- Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler (Germany) build first cars

1892- First US car built by Charles and Frank Duryea

1893- Rudolf Diesel patents engine

1894- First cars in UK

1895- First car race, Paris-Bordeaux-Paris, France (1,178km)

1895- Michelin (France) make first pneumatic car tyres for cars

1895- First car show  in UK

1896- First speeding fine (UK)

1896- First car theft (France)

1896- First motoring death (UK)

1897- First woman driver in UK name Minnie Palmer

1898- First woman driver in USA name Genevra Mudge

1899- Jacob German arrested for speeding in New York (12mph)

1900- 8,000 vehicles on the road in USA

1903- First driving licences issued, Paris (France)

1903- Registration plates introduced in UK

1903- 30,204 vehicles made in France 11,235 USA, 9,437 UK

1903- National speed limit in UK 32km/h (20mph)

1904- 28,842 vehicles in UK

1907- First Rolls-Royce made, the Silver Ghost (UK)

1908- First model T Ford made (USA)

1909- 143,000 vehicles in UK

1910- 468,500 vehicles in USA

1912- First petrol pump station built in USA

1915- Headlamp dipping and stoplights introduced in USA

1919- Mechanical windscreen wipers developed in USA

1921- First autobahn (high speed road) built in Germany

1930- First traffic lights installed in New York

1933- First drive-in cinema built in USA

1935- First parking meters installed in Oklahoma City, USA

1935- Driving tests introduced in UK

1939- 3,148,000 vehicles in UK

1940- 32,453,200 vehicles in USA

1955- Highway Code issued in UK

1958- First motorway built in UK (Preston by pass)

1960- 8,512,000 vehicles in UK

1960- 73,868,600 vehicles in USA

1962- 200 millionth car produced in USA

1969- Czechoslovakia becomes first country to make seat belts compulsory

1970- Unleaded fuel introduced in USA

1978- Bosch (Germany) patents first satellite navigation

1980- 19,199,000 vehicles in UK

1980- 155,796,000 vehicles in USA

1983- Seat belts made compulsory in UK

1985- Seat belts made compulsory in New York

1999- Peak year for vehicle manufacture in USA (13,024,97 made)

2005- The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the fastest, most expensive and most powerful car ever built.


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