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Aeschylus was a famous Greek dramatist who dies in 456 BC. A prediction that he would be killed by a blow from heaven came true when an eagle carrying a tortoise dropped it on his head.

King Alexander of Greece
He died after being bitten by his pet monkey in 1920.

Francis Bacon
This Elizabethan philosopher caught a chill while trying to deep-freeze a chicken by stuffing it with snow. He died in 1626

Hilaire Belloc
Although born in France, Hilaire Belloc was an English writer and member of parliament. He died in 1953 after a burning coal fell out his fire and set him ablaze.

Madeleine-Sophie Blanchard
Madame Blanchard was the widow of pioneer balloonist Jean-Pierre Blanchard. She was killed in Paris in 1819, when fireworks set fire to her balloon.

Jerome Cardan
Cardan was an Italian physician, mathematician and astrologer. He starved himself to death in 1576 to make sure that his own prediction of his death would come true.

Lord Carnarvon
Carnarvon was an amateur Egyptologist who financed the excavation of Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922. Several months after opening the tomb, Carnarvon died suddenly from a mosquito bite. This began the legend of the curse of Tutankhamen.

Isadora Duncan
This American dancer was strangled in 1927 by her scarf. It became caught in the wheel of  aBugatti sports car in which she was an passenger.

Anton Dvorak
The Czech composer died in 1904 of a chill which he caught while train-spotting.

Frederick, Prince of Wales
Fredrick was the son of George II and heir to the British throne. He died in 1751 after being hit by a cricket ball.

Harry Houdini (Erich Weiss)
Houdini was a famous escapologist who claimed he could withstand being punched in the stomach. He died in 1926- after being punched in the stomach.

William Huskisson
Huskisson was a British member of parliament. He was run down by train during the opening of the first railway in 1830.

Jean-Baptiste Lully
This Italian-French composer died in 1687 after accidentally stabbing his foot with a stick while beating time. The short conductor's baton came into use soon afterwards.

Thomas Midgley
Midgley was an American inventor who was strangled in 1944 by a machine he had invented to help him move after contracting polio. He invented three products that have since been found to be environmentally harmful: lead in petrol, CFCs in fridges and aerosols, and the insecticide DDT.

Prince Philippe
Prince Philippe, heir to the French throne, was killed when his horse tripped over a pig in the streets of Paris in 1131.

Pliny the Elder
Roman writer Pliny was choked by the fumes of the erupting volcano Vesuvius in AD79.

Sir Thomas Urquhart
Urquhart was the Scottish author of books with extraordinary titles such as Logopandecteision. He died laughing when told of the Restoration of Charles II in 1660.

William III
This British king died in 1701, after a fall when his horse stumbled over a molehill. His opponents drank a toast to the mole, calling it "The little gentleman in black velvet".


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