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  • The Codex Hammer (previously called the Codex Leicester) was sold in New York, USA, in 1994 for $28,800,000. It was bought by Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft. The Codex is one of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks and includes many of his scientific drawings and diagrams.
  • A "first folio" (early edition) of the works of William Shakespeare dating from 1623 was sold in London in 2001 for $6,166,000.
  • A rare copy of the Gutenberg Bible, one of the first books ever printed, was sold in New York, USA, in 1987 for $5,390,000.
  • One of the first ever printed books was Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (c 1477). A copy was sold in London in 1998 for $7,570,941.
  • John James Audubon's The Birds of America (1827-38) was sold in New York, USA in 2000 for $8,000,000, making it the most expensive printed book. Its giant pages feature more than 400 hand-coloured engravings of birds.
Types of books:
This is an annual calendar of dates and events. It originally contained astronomical facts and figures, but now includes useful statistics and other information. Almanac is sometimes spelled almanack.
A collection of writings by one author or on a theme, such as an anthology of animal poems.
A book of maps.
An account of a person's life written by himself or herself. Sometimes a "ghost" writer may help someone write an autobiography.
valuable books
A list of books or sources on a particular subject.
A book about someone's life written by another person.
A dictionary of dated events.
An alphabetical list of words and their meanings. There are also dictionaries on a single subject, for example Dictionary of Art.
Dictionary of quotations-
A listing of interesting remarks or extracts from the writings of famous people.
An alphabetical list of names and addresses of people or organizations.
A book of articles on many subjects, arranged alphabetically. Encyclopedias are often published in many volumes or, today, on CD-ROM or on the Internet.
A book that lists and describes places (countries, cities, etc.)
A list of words and phrases used in a particular subject area, for instance A Glossary of Computer Terms.
Language dictionary-
A dictionary that gives translations of words and phrases to and from other languages, for example a French-English/English-French Dictionary.
A book on a specialized subject, such as the work of a particular artist.
A work of fiction, usually involving imaginary people. A historical novel may be about real historical characters.
A short work of fiction.
A book for travellers, with translations of words and phrases into and from a foreign language.
Pop-up book-
A book, usually for children, made so that pictures stand up or move when the pages are opened.
A book organized to show words with similar meanings.
Travel guide-
A book of information about a particular country or area.
Who's or who or biographical dictionary-
Alphabetical summaries of the lives of famous people, living or dead, sometimes by their subjects (such as a Dictionary of Scientists).
An annual reference book with information about the events of the previous year. Yearbooks containing statistical information about a country are often called Abstracts.


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