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DVD and Video facts:
  • The term video recording and videotape were first used in the early 1950s, but only among TV professionals.
  • The shorten VCR (video cassette recorder) was initially utilized in the UK and USA in 1971.
  • In 1974, the first domestic video cassette recorders were sold, but few people bought them because both machines and tapes were very expensive.
  • The Video home system (VHS) was launched in 1976 in the US and 1978 in Europe.
  • About 7,687,000 had video recorders by 1980 and by 1996 the global figure was put at 400,976,000.
  • DVD also known as (Digital video disc or digital versatile disc) players and discs were launched in the USA and Japan in 1997.
  • Worldwide, sales of DVDs overtook video sales in 2002.
  • By 2003 almost one in three UK households had a DVD player; the figure is predicted to rise to 83 per cent by 2007.
  • In 2006 High Definition DVD players and discs were went on sale. These next generation formats are able to store much more high-quality data.
Radio milestones:
1896 - Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi applies for first British "wireless" patent on 2 June.

1906 - Professor Reginald Fessenden, broadcast first radio programme from the US coast and recieved by ships on 24 December. The first radios were adjusted operating by adjusting metal wires known as cat's whiskers and they were crystal sets.

1920 - Marconi broadcast a concert by Opera singer Dame Nellie Melba on 15 June

1922 - British Broadcasting Company (BBC) was founded on 18 October. And the first BBC broadcast made on 14 November - the 6 o'clock news read by Arthur Burrows

1923 - First daily weather broadcast by the BBC on 26 April

1926 - Launch of The Week's Good Cause on 24 January, BBC's longest running programme 

1933 - First BBC woman announcer, 28 August, Sheila Borrett

1939-45 - BBC provides information and inspiring speeches from Winston Churchill and other wartime leaders, during World War II

1951 - Launch of The Archers on 1 January, the longest running BBC radio serial

1964 - Pirate radio stations broadcast from ships to England, encouraging the BBC to start a pop music station (30 September 1967, Radio 1)

1970 - National Public Radio launched in the USA on 24 February

1993 - First Internet radio broadcasts

1995 - First experimental digital audio broadcasting (DAB) in England. DAB delivers listener improved quality reception, text information and easy tuning.

2002 - Five new DAB channels launched by the BBC

2004 - Sales of DAB digital radios tops one-million

2005 - BBC radio starts to make programs as podcasts that can be downloaded to computers,  DAB players and MP3.


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