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Most spoken languages:
Chinese (Mandarin) 
Approximate number of speakers: 873,000,000 
Chinese has many dialects, but about two-thirds of the people speak Mandarin. Wu is the next most common dialect, with approximately 77 million speakers. At least 30 million people around the world are learning Mandarin Chinese because China is becoming an important economic power.

Approximate number of speakers: 323,000,000
Spanish is one of the most widely used of all languages. It is spoken not only in Spain but also in South America, the west coast of Africa and the USA.

Approximate number of speakers: 309,000,000
Far fewer people have English as their main language than Chinese, but millions more know at least some English and it is spoken in every corner of the globe. The USA dominates cinema, television, pop music, technology and business and this has increased the importance of the English language. At least 800 million people use the internet and about 35 per cent of them communicate in English. There are probably more than one billion people worldwide learning English.

Approximate number of speakers: 246,000,000
Arabic is the official language of 17 countries and it is also the language of the Muslim religion. Therefore, several millions of Muslims in other countries have some knowledge of the language.

Approximate number of speakers: 181,000,000
Hindustani includes Hindi and Urdu, which are nearly the identical language. Hindustani is the official language of Pakistan, where it is written in a modified Arabic script and called Urdu. Hindi is also the official language of India, but there it is written in the Devanagari script and called Hindi.

Approximate number of speakers: 177,000,000
Portuguese is spoken as a first language by the people of Portugal and also by many of the inhabitants of Brazil, Angola and other former colonies in Africa and elsewhere. These stretch from the Caribbean to Macau, China.

Other major languages-
Approximate number of speakers: 171,000,000

Approximate number of speakers: 145,000,000

Approximate number of speakers: 122,000,000

Approximate number of speakers: 95,000,000

Chinese (Wu)
Approximate number of speakers: 77,175,000

Approximate number of speakers: 65,000,000

Disappearing languages:
There are about 6,912 living languages but 516 of these are considered almost extinct as hey are spoken only by a few elderly people.

The languages spoken in most countries:
English- 57 countries
French- 33 countries
Arabic- 23 countries
Spanish- 21 countries
Portuguese- 7 countries 


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