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First ballet
Margot Fonteyn
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In the late 16th century, performances that included dancing, music and acting were given at the French court of Henri II and Catherine de Medici. The Ballet Comique de La Reine (1581) was the first recorded.

First ballet in the USA
On 7 February 1827 Francisquy Hutin performed a ballet in the play The Deserter at the Bowery Theatre, New York. The women in the audience were so shocked by it that they fled from the theatre.  

First professional ballerina
On 21 January 1681 Mademoiselle de La Fontaine appeared in Jean Baptiste Lully's The Triumph of Love at the Paris Opera. 

First tutu/first on points
Ballerina Maria Taglioni (1804-84) wore a muslin dress known as a tutu when she danced in La Sylphide at the Paris Opera on 12 March 1832. The dress allowed more freedom of movement so became popular in classical ballet. In the same baller she danced on points without support- the first time any dancer had done so.

Most curtain calls for a ballet performance
In October 1964 Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev received 89 curtain calls after their performance in Swan Lake at the Staatsoper, in Vienna, Austria.

Most pirouettes
Delia Gray (15) performed 166 consecutive turns at The Playhouse, Harlow, Essex, UK on 2 June 1991.


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