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educate yourself
Missed out on subjects at school? Interested in learning something new? The internet is opening up education to everyone, and now you can be taught by the best educators from the best universities in the world, free. Most won't get you an actual degree, but they will expand your brain. Some ways to access this form of education are:

Khan Academy (
Library of 4100 educational videos viewed over 250 million times. 

Coursera (
Online degrees and lectures from the best professors worldwide. 

Download or create lectures for iPod, iPhone or iPad.

TED Talks (
Videos of more than 1400 talks from the world's greatest thinkers.

OpenCourseWare Consortium (
Video courses and lectures from top universities. 

Textbook Revolution (
Free textbooks on the net.

Wikiversity (
Open educational resources and collaborative learning communities from the Wikimedia Foundation. 


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