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  •  Kids sued their mother for sending birthday cards without  gifts.
  •  A woman disagreed with a store over an 80-cent refund  and then sued for $5 million.
  •  A mother filed suit against an exclusive preschool over her child's college prospects.
  •  A woman sued a theatre over a movie trailer, saying there wasn't enough driving in  Drive.
  •  A man illegally brought a gun into a bar, got injured in a fight, and then sued the bar for  not searching  him for a weapon. 
  •  A convict sued a couple he had kidnapped for not helping him evade police. 
  •  A mother sued a fast-food eatery, arguing that the restaurants's video games  encouraged gambling in  children. 
Academic Idiocy:
Nobody grudges scientific inquiry and research. you should be allowed to study or do a PhD in anything, right? So what's your opinion about US government funding for these?
  •  $113,227 to the international Center for the History of Electronic Games for video game  preservation. 
  •  $492,005 to researchers at Wellesely College to answer the question, Do you trust your  Twitter feed?
  •  $606,000 to Columbia University to study online dating. 
  •  $55,382 to a Virginia Commonwealth University researcher towards a study on  hookah  smoking by jordanian students.
  •  $198,195 to University of California, Riverside, to study whether happy or unhappy  people spend more time on social media.
  •  $592,527 to primate researchers to study in part what feces-throwing among chimps  reveals about communication skills. 
  •  $338,998, granted by the National Science Foundation, to study women, Weaving and  Wool in Iceland, in the years AD 874 to 1800. 


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