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  1. He's from Florida and his father Paul Bilzerian is a wall street corporate takeover specialist making big money in the financial sector. 
  2. He has a brother Adam Bilzerian who is also a Poker player. 
  3. Dan is a stuntman and an actor you might have spotted him in the movies like the other woman, the equalizer and cat run 2. 
  4. Poker winning $50 Million. The largest amount he lost in a single game of poker is 3.6 Million. 
  5. Net worth over $100 Million Dollars in total.
  6. He was kicked out from high school for bringing in and bragging about an M16 that he had in the trunk of his car.
  7. He was enlisted in the Navy for four years and hoped he would become a Navy Seal but after completing five hundred and ten days of training he managed to get himself kicked out from there.
  8. In 2013 he started the  Robin Hood project. The project was intended to help the needy.
  9. Dan is also an avid race car enthusiast. He once made four hundred thousand dollars by winning the race against Supreme Litigator Tom Goldstein. Tom was with his 2011 Ferrari 458  and Italia and Dan with his modified 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra. 
  10. 2 Documented Heart Attacks from too much partying. In fact he got both of them 24 hours apart from one another. After five full days of partying he decided to mix Viagra, Coke, Ecstacy and Alcohol making his heart failure. 


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