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LUKE AIKINS is a professional pilot, base jumper, American skydiver and aerial photographer. He has completed more than 18,000 jumps since he started skydiving at the age of 12. 
On July 30,2016, Aikins jumped from an aircraft without any parachute at an altitude of 25,000 feet above simi valley, California watched by a live audience. After about two minutes of free fall he successfully landed in 100 by 100 foot net. Aikins reached a terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour (193 km/h) during that fall. So this makes him the first person to Skydive without a parachute and survive.

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  2. Poor people blame others for their misfortunes.
  3. Poor people wake up later than rich people in their early years.
  4. Poor people buy clothes or products that are on sale. 
  5. Poor people use credit cards or take out loans for useless things. 
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  7. Poor people surrounded themselves with other poor people.
  8. Poor people never follow through on their ideas or potential.
  9. Poor people believe that others should help them reach the top.
  10. Poor people watch a lot of TV.